Capstone’s unique expertise and results-oriented process is designed to deliver the best deal.

Step 1: Goal-storming

Our initial meeting is all about what you want. No need to hold back. You tell us everything you’d like to achieve in the absolute ideal outcome. That’s what we’ll work toward. We’ll then ask in-depth questions about every aspect of your business so we can begin strategizing ways to get you as much of what you want as is practically achievable. Of course, the market won’t rely on your word alone, so neither can we.

Step 2: Honest Market Appraisal

We roll up our sleeves and dive in deep to perform a comprehensive appraisal, and synchronize goals with market reality. For example, based on an in-depth analysis of their business, industry, and the capital markets, we furnish sellers with a minimum estimated sales price—a price they can be confident of meeting or beating. But we look at more than just the numbers—because there are hidden strengths and nuances affecting value in every transaction that numbers often fail to capture. As experienced business and investment banking veterans, we’re expert at uncovering the hidden factors that can enhance value. And as former business owners ourselves, we’ll bend over backwards to ensure the valuation process won’t disrupt your business operation.

Step 3: Alignment of Objectives

Price is almost always the overriding concern in every transaction. But there are numerous other factors that may enter into the equation—providing security for employees, the desire to continue working, chemistry with financial partners and more. Whatever your objectives, we focus our efforts to meet all of them—not say what you cannot do or force you to conform to our way of closing.

Step 4: Proactive Troubleshooting

Every deal hits snags. But having faced most in one form or another, we can anticipate and avoid them. Of course, some challenges are unavoidable. But we offer unique expertise for coming up with creative solutions to overcome what might otherwise be “deal breakers.” In fact, through proactive troubleshooting, we construct every possible scenario. So no matter what challenge might arise, we’ll be prepared.

Step 5: Strategic Market Entry

While no two transactions are alike, there is a methodology for achieving maximum results. From the way a transaction is marketed to its pricing, timing and terms, there are myriad ways we can entice buyers, sellers or funding sources—and manipulate the mechanics and the psychology of the deal in your favor.  And because we constantly monitor M&A activity and capital markets, we’ll be prepared to address any conditions that affect the value of your transaction.

What’s more, we’ll leverage our extensive network of buyers and sellers—built up from our 25 years in the business—on your behalf. With our intimate knowledge of the players, we know who is in the market with money and who the likely buyers are at any given time. It allows us to target our efforts to get the right buyer, seller or funding source to the table to get you the best results—quickly, with no wasted motion.