Capstone Financial Group Consultants

Whatever you call upon us to do, you can be assured that we will rigorously pursue your interests with complete transparency and personal, high-level attention and guidance every step of the way. More, we’ll mobilize our far-reaching pool of contacts and resources on your behalf. And we’ll work tirelessly and intelligently to achieve successful completion.

The Sale of Private Companies 

Capstone’s unique process is designed to deliver the maximum price for private company owners wishing to sell. Plus, by identifying the potential bumps ahead, our proactive troubleshooting will help keep your deal on track — and work to ensure you’re justly rewarded for what you’ve built.


A distinct variation of the above process, a “recap” involves the sale of a majority interest in a company, with the seller retaining a sizeable ownership stake. This type of transaction has become immensely popular, allowing company owners to receive substantial liquidity but use “other people’s money” for growth, acquisitions, research and development. As the company then grows in value via increased sales and other acquisitions, the owner’s equity stake increases in value accordingly. When the company reaches the proper critical mass and is sold again, the owner’s “second bite of the apple” could be larger than his first.

Management Buyouts

Capstone is often called upon to help management groups leverage their experience and positions to gain majority control of their employer and/or the funds to accelerate growth, without incurring excessive debt burden.  We provide the balance sheet analysis, strategic guidance and connections with funding sources to provide a sound and solid platform to help a business move forward under new ownership.

Corporate Divestitures

Looking to sell off a portfolio company or product line? Capstone can provide maximum shareholder value with total and absolute discretion. And we can manage the entire process for you, from finding buyers to negotiating final terms of the sale.

Buy side Advisory 

We help companies focus their efforts at every stage of the process—from identifying broad market opportunities and funding sources to specific companies ripe for acquisition. We also provide the in-depth analysis and valuation to help you price opportunities sensibly and structure transactions wisely.

Strategic Consulting for Companies in Transition 

While a business owner will see the “trees,” Capstone will see the “forest.”  Our 30 years of objective business experience can provide the gentle, insightful guidance often needed by business owners to identify new operational or financial opportunities.   This guidance could be as simple as new distribution channels or as complicated as a complete restructuring of the company

Bankruptcy Restructurings and Sales 

If not called upon soon enough to do the consulting described above, we can help business owners with a “cleansing” in bankruptcy, securing new financing or selling the company via a 363 auction.